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Blackjack Joe is a game. It is just for fun. Do not use the App, this website or any related content as a strategy for gambling. You remain entirely responsible for any losses incurred before, during or after using this website or the Blackjack Joe App.


All dealings shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and all parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of England and Wales in London to settle any dispute arising out of or related to these dealings.

Intellectual Property

The Blackjack Joe App is owned and provided by CodeByJoe Ltd, a limited company registered in the United Kingdom under company number 12686332.

Limitation of Liability

The liability to you for any cause or any reason, for any claim or combination of claims, is limited to the amount you paid via Blackjack Joe in-app product purchases within the six months prior to any such claim.

Device Compatibility

We do not guarantee that the App will function free from crashes, errors or unexpected behaviours on any particular device or operating system. Should you find the App does not work as you expect, please discontinue use and get in touch with us so we can investigate further.

Beta Versions

From time to time, Blackjack Joe may release new features as a 'beta version'. Anybody choosing to opt-in to these versions acknowledge that these features may be untested and may cause unexpected results. If you do choose to use any beta features you do so at your own risk.

Premium Version (In-App Purchase)

Some of the features of Blackjack Joe are only available in the 'Premium' version, which requires a purchase of an in-app product via Google Play. The premium feature set is subject to change, including the addition of new features and the removal of existing ones. Details of these features can be found within the App in the 'Premium' section. The price varies from region to region and can be viewed by pressing the 'Upgrade to Premium' button to begin the Google Play checkout flow.

Premium Expiry

In order to validate purchases, the App relies on Google Play electronic receipts. Should your device remain offline for a period of time and Google Play no longer has up-to-date records of your purchases, you may lose access to any purchased products. After you log in to Google Play once more, any active purchases will be re-instated automatically when you next load the Blackjack Joe App.

Refund Policy

All purchases are processed by Google Play so please refer to their refund policy. In the event of a refund being processed by Google Play, you will lose access to any purchased products.

Data / Network Usage

The Blackjack Joe App uses your device's internet connection for some activities, such as retrieving the price associated with in-app products for purchase and the submission of analytics data. Please discontinue use if you have limited network data allowance available or any other such restrictions.

App Data

The Blackjack Joe App stores various settings and game data on your device, including your own preferences and play history which is used to generate statistics within the App. This data is only stored on your device and therefore may be lost in the process of installing, uninstalling or upgrading the App.

What data do we collect?

The Blackjack Joe App uses Google Analytics and Firebase to monitor general activities such as App screen views, actions you may take within the game and the settings you use. We use this information to help us understand which features are used and which ones are not, to improve the experience of those using the Blackjack Joe App.

  • No personal data is stored or retained by Blackjack Joe or CodeByJoe Ltd. directly.
  • No payment information is collected by Blackjack Joe or CodeByJoe Ltd. directly.
  • All payments are processed by Google Play.

The information we collect with Firebase analytics is anonymous and generic, with the goal of finding patterns in how users are behaving, whether they are struggling or if they are enjoying certain areas more than others.

You can manage whether this data is collected by the Blackjack Joe App via the 'Privacy' settings, where you will find two separate options: Basic analytics and Better analytics.

Google Play

Google themselves will automatically capture various anonymous usage information via the Google Play platform, such as installation, basic usage, uninstallation and crash details when there is a problem. If you do not agree with this, please discontinue usage and uninstall the app.

Basic analytics

This setting uses the native Firebase library to collect general information such as screens viewed, App installation and un-installation. Disabling this setting will stop Blackjack Joe from sending any usage information from your device to Firebase and will also disable 'Better analytics'.

Better analytics

With this setting Blackjack Joe sends anonymous information to Firebase in order to understand which features of the App are being used more than others, for example:

  • When you complete a challenge level we capture various information such as the level, whether it was a retry and the number of mistakes made. We may use this to determine if the levels are too difficult or whether users are happy to try again if they don't succeed.
  • We capture information about the selections you are making in Free Play or Challenge modes, so we know how regularly people tend to play, for how long and whether they are happy to retry if they made incorrect choices. This can help us to understand if the game modes are interesting enough for our users.
  • Which settings you use and what values you specify, for example whether you toggle Hard, Soft or Split in Free Play mode, or whether you updated the speed the cards should be dealt. We might use this information to understand if we are giving enough flexibility in the App settings.

We also capture various other such anonymous information to help us improve Blackjack Joe. If you prefer not to share such information with us, you can disable either of these options in the 'Privacy' settings of the App.

Crash reports

With this setting enabled, in the event of a crash or unexpected error, we capture some anonymous information, including the events leading up to the problem, so we can try to prevent this from happening again in the future.

What cookies do we store?

We track anonymous visitor data using Google Analytics to monitor things like the number of visitors to this website, where they came from and which pages they visited in order to improve the user experience. Google Analytics adds some cookies to your browser in order to track your actions whilst on the website, which begin with 'ga_'.

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