Blackjack Strategy

What is 'basic strategy'? Will it help me to always win?

What is Basic Strategy?

If you perform a web search for 'basic strategy' you'll see something like this:

Blackjack basic strategy

All of these images are representations of the choices you should statistically make to improve your chances of winning a particular hand of Blackjack.

The face-up card the dealer could be dealt is generally displayed across the top, from 2 to Ace. The two cards you, the player, could been dealt are generally displayed down the left hand side, from 2 to 21.

Simply cross reference the dealer's card with the total of your two cards to find the action that, statistically speaking, is the most likely to result in a win.

Customise your Strategy

If you take a closer look at the image above, you'll notice the strategy varies slightly from one image to another. The casino house rules and many other factors can impact the recommended strategy, for example:

  • The number of decks in the shoe.
  • Whether you are allowed to re-split Aces.
  • Whether the dealer will hit or stand on 17.
  • and so on.

For this reason there is no one size fits all strategy, so you need a practice partner that can adapt to your changing needs. This is where Blackjack Joe comes in.

Blackjack Joe Strategy
Blackjack Joe Strategy

Blackjack Joe has a default strategy pre-loaded, but you can customise all aspects to your needs. For example, in the image above Dealer:2 vs Player:20 suggests you should Stand. If you prefer to Double in this scenario, simply click the cell and change it.

Once a customisation has been made, all aspects of Blackjack Joe will respect your new strategy, including Free Play, Challenge Mode and any future statistics analysis!

Will it help me to always win?

No. It won't.

Using basic strategy is not a fool-proof method. If it was no casino would offer it as a game. However, it might help you lose less, and it might help you have more fun!

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